Timber frame: The natural solution for new public sector buildings

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It may be splashed across the front pages at the moment, but the issues surrounding the structural safety of some of our public sector buildings aren’t new.

In the decades that followed the end of the Second World War, a huge programme of redevelopment was undertaken; social housing, schools, hospitals and many other public sector buildings were replaced or newly constructed.

At that time, building materials such as reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) and aerated breeze blocks were often used because they were lightweight and low-cost. But with an estimated 30-year design life, cracks are literally beginning to show in many of these buildings – partly due to poor maintenance.

Nevertheless, the clock is still ticking, and while relatively few buildings have, or show signs of collapse, the risk factor is high, hence the growing urgency to remedy or replace high-priority public sector building stock.

What is the best building material for new public sector buildings?

There’s no doubt that structural timber is the future of sustainable buildings in the UK – you don’t need to go far to see timber buildings that are still standing and functioning after hundreds of years.

The Government has recently committed to building 14 new hospitals using modern methods of construction (MMC). Modular, factory-made timber solutions have been given the green light due to their strength, durability, versatility, and their ability to speed up construction times.

Timber is also sustainable and has locked-in carbon making it ideal for achieving decarbonisation targets. It can be quickly manufactured to specification and built on-site in a matter of weeks.

In addition, MMC has been approved by the Government for the building of new social housing for all of the same reasons.

The high insulation qualities of closed panel timber frames and structural insulated panels are also proven to reduce energy use and costs, a major factor for long-term energy efficiency.

How can Target Timber help to rebuild public sector buildings?

The Target Timber team has been designing, manufacturing, and constructing all types of timber frame buildings for over 40 years.

In addition to large housing developments and bespoke houses, we also produce timber frame systems for schools, nurseries, colleges, sports centres, health centres, apartments, and commercial buildings.

Target Timber is a recognised and highly regarded STA Assure Gold Member, and our factory-made closed panel systems meet all required Part L Building Regulations and come with an LABC Warranty and Premier Guarantee.

Our large capacity factory enables us to fulfill bespoke and large-scale projects rapidly and to the highest standards and we can deliver and fully erect timber frames on-site anywhere in the UK.

To learn more about our premium quality timber frame solutions and our capabilities, please get in touch – we are ready to help.