10 Advantages Of Working Directly With A Timber Frame Manufacturer

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10 advantages of working directly with a timber frame manufacturer

Whether you are a self-builder or a property developer, it’s essential that projects are extremely well-managed to ensure that they are delivered as promised, on time, and on budget.

Timber frame has become the construction material of choice for housebuilders and commercial builders not only because of the sustainability and energy-saving benefits but also because offsite construction can save so much time and money.

While there are many timber/timber frame suppliers, few offer a complete end-to-end timber frame manufacturing service, effectively managing the entire construction phase of a project.

Here are 10 advantages of working with full-service timber frame manufacturer Target Timber Systems:

  1. Cost Efficiency

Keeping costs under control is vital. Rather than using various third parties, Target Timber offers all of the necessary services required from design through to build. This saves time, ensures optimum efficiency, and ultimately reduces costs.

  1. Experience and Skills

Target Timber employs experienced timber frame specialists who have many years of knowledge in designing, crafting and constructing timber frame systems. Our design team is made up of timber frame experts, while our carpentry and joinery team are among the best in their field, ensuring that timber frames are made and built to the highest standards.

  1. Bespoke Designs

Working directly with Target Timber allows customers to work closely with us to explore ideas and choose unique designs and structural characteristics. Working with our specialist design team also ensures that designs are swiftly finalised, avoiding any delays that can often occur with independent architectural practices.

  1. Sustainability Validation

Choosing timber frames as the primary construction material means that sustainability is of great importance. Direct collaboration with Target Timber’s team allows customers to see and validate our sustainable materials to ensure that environmental goals are met.

  1. Quality Control

Working directly with our factory team gives our customers confidence in our products and abilities, and gives them access to the manufacturing facility where they can inspect production and see quality processes firsthand.

  1. Project Management

Many self-builders and property developers need to pay project managers, whereas the entire project can be managed by the Target Timber manufacturing team. This results in higher efficiency and reliability, lower costs and greater control of project timelines.

  1. Communications

Delays in communications between customers and third parties are one of the major reasons for delays and higher costs. Working directly with Target Timber simplifies communications as customers have direct access to the entire team.

  1. On-Time Delivery

Our in-house project teams ensure that all manufacturing processes are completed efficiently and ensure that the materials arrive on-site and are constructed on time.

  1. Technical Support

As a full-service timber frame manufacturer, we provide our customers with technical support on all aspects of a project. Whether it’s advice about land, design, insulated wall panels, roofing, structural considerations, or material production, customers will know that they have direct access to experts throughout the project.

  1. Documentation

Once the project is complete, our project team will ensure that the customer is totally satisfied with every aspect of the project, and then provide all of the required documentation prior to sign-off.

Working directly with a specialist timber frame manufacturer like Target Timber is the most efficient and cost-effective way to build with timber frame.

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