How long does it take to build a timber frame house?

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Increasing numbers of property developers are choosing to build new homes using timber frames for two primary reasons; they understand the importance of building with eco-friendly and sustainable materials, and they know that they can build their new homes in less time for less money.

There are many other benefits associated with self-building a home using timber frames. In addition to time and cost savings, timber frame systems are compliant with Part L of building regulations. They are also precisely manufactured which means less waste, and importantly, they are highly thermally efficient, leading to long-term energy savings.

To answer the question of how long it takes to build a timber frame house, we have outlined the typical timings based on the drawings being complete, the project being self-managed and that planning permission has been granted.

A typical timeframe for manufacturing a complete timber frame system with Target Timber is 12 weeks.

From the time the design is frozen and architectural drawings are submitted, a project team will be assigned and the following process will begin:

  • Assign design team and book manufacturing slot
  • Produce detailed design creating GA’s and sections for approval
  • Allocate all required materials
  • Assign the quality control team
  • Input design calculations for precision cutting machinery
  • Set timber cutting schedules
  • Set wall panel fabrication schedules
  • Set timber frame system pre-fabrication schedules
  • Quality inspection sign-off
  • Book transportation to site


Timeframe for constructing a timber frame house on site

As a full-service timber frame system manufacturer, Target Timber can fully construct a timber frame house, including wall panels and roof trusses, in under a week.

Once the timber frame is constructed it is then ready for the roof tiles to be laid and windows to be fitted, at which point the house will be fully wind and watertight and ready for the external cladding and first fixing.

In summary, the typical time to build a timber frame house – from manufacture through to construction and completion – is around 16 weeks.


What else can you expect from Target Timber?

Having designed and manufactured hundreds of timber frame systems, our passionate team of timber frame experts is always eager to share a wealth of valuable knowledge that always proves to be of value to customers.

We can advise and help you with:

  • Design and drawings
  • Build programmes
  • Types of wall and floor options
  • Types of insulation and thermal performance
  • Ventilation and heating strategies
  • Types of cladding

If you have any questions about house building with timber frame systems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – or take a look at our FAQ’s to find out more.