What are the benefits of using timber frame for self-building?

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If you’re reading this, there’s a high probability that you’re one of a rising number of people who recognise that building your own home is far more cost effective and satisfying than buying a conventional new build. Not only can you build a home that you have designed yourself – for your needs and for the way you want to live – but you can build it more quickly and for less using beautiful, natural materials that are sustainable and will last a lifetime.

Ask any self-builder if they are happy with their self-build home and 96% will say yes. There are so many benefits to self-building, but when you’re starting out it’s best to do your research first – that’s why you’re here.

Timber frame is obviously of interest to you, and as a timber frame system manufacturer we have designed, supplied and installed timber frames for countless different self-build house designs all over the UK. – take a look at our gallery of projects.

So, let’s focus on the benefits of timber frame for self-building, and importantly, working with a timber frame system manufacturer. We will break it down into two parts; the benefits of timber frame as a building material, and the benefits of working with a timber frame manufacturer.

The benefits of using timber frame for housebuilding

Timber frame as a sustainable material:

  • Timber is a sustainable material: 90% of all wood consumed in Europe is sourced from European forests. The forests that Target Timber source from grow by 3,500 square miles each year
  • 99% of UK timber frame is European softwood. Like all timber, it is organic, natural and non-toxic
  • Timber has the lowest C02 than any other building material; every timber frame home saves around 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide
  • The total carbon sequestered in Europe’s forests is over 9.5 million tonnes
  • Only older trees are harvested because they have absorbed high levels of carbon which will stay contained inside the timber for life.

The practical benefits of timber frame for self-building:

  • Time saving – one of the biggest ways to save money on a self-build is to build efficiency and quickly. Constructing with timber frame can reduce construction times by a third
  • Timber frame is a highly effective thermal insulator; it keeps the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing energy bills. By nature, it also has better sound insulation on external and internal walls
  • Timber frame wall panels carry the loads on the building to the foundations, whilst the outer cladding provides decoration and weather protection e.g., brick, stone, timber, tile or render
  • Timber frame is a dry form of construction; there is no drying out period so no drying cracks which are common in wet construction
  • Inclement weather can seriously delay conventional builds, whereas timber frames are manufactured off-site so can be brought to site and constructed in days
  • Once the timber frame is up, the programme of following trades is easier, saving time and money
  • Timber frame offers better accuracy and finish, and allows you to design in exposed beams and unique features.

Benefits of using a timber frame system manufacturer for self-building:

  • The manufacturer work with you and your architect giving you complete control and flexibility over design and function
  • The timber frame building is supplied complete with all of the materials required; walls, internal walls, floor joists, floor deck, insulation, fixings
  • Timber frames are designed and manufactured off-site and delivered to site in just 12 weeks.
  • A house shell and roof structure can be fully constructed in under a week by the timber frame construction team
  • Off-site fabrication reduces site build time, labour, waste, noise and pollution
  • Converting timber into a useable building material takes far less energy and much lower pollution that alternatives such as steel, concrete and brick
  • Waste wood from your project can be used for design features or as fuel.


These are just some of the many benefits of using timber frame for self-building. The ease of construction, flexibility with design, beauty and strength of the timber, all help to ensure that your experience of building your very own dream home is one that will bring you happiness and peace throughout your lifetime.

For more information, please speak to one of our friendly team about your project who will provide you with specific information and an estimate of costs.