Timber Frame Panel Options

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As timber frame specialists, Target Timber Systems offers two types of pre-manufactured timber frame wall panels; open panel and closed panel.

Open Panel Timber Frames

An open panel timber frame is simply a panel that allows the insulation to be fitted on-site or pre-manufactured in the factory. The options for open panel insulation are varied but as a rule, soft insulation is site fitted and rigid foam insulation types can either be fitted on-site or they can be factory fitted. Once on site, the open panel is then completed with a vapour control layer and plasterboard. This wall build-up can achieve U-values down to around 0.19 W/m²/K.*

Closed Panel Timber Frames

A closed panel is fully made in the factory. We fit the required insulation and enhance the panel further by installing both the vapour control layer and a batten that provides a zone for services. This further improves performance and can achieve a U-value of 0.17 W/m²/K* With the u-values achieved with our pre-manufactured timber frame panels, customers can be confident of achieving the new Part L Building Regulations. If you need any further advice about timber frame panels or types of insulation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

*With brickwork outer skin