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How sustainable is timber frame?

Timber frame construction is one of the fastest-growing methods of housebuilding and commercial property development in the UK. This seems like an odd statement given that timber frame construction has been a traditional method of building for centuries, but 21st-century timber construction is a world away from the methods used in the past. What’s driving […]

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10 Advantages Of Working Directly With A Timber Frame Manufacturer

10 advantages of working directly with a timber frame manufacturer Whether you are a self-builder or a property developer, it’s essential that projects are extremely well-managed to ensure that they are delivered as promised, on time, and on budget. Timber frame has become the construction material of choice for housebuilders and commercial builders not only […]

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New Panel Maker Investment

Target invests further to scale up production of closed panels We are excited to announce that we have invested in a second hydraulic butterfly table following high levels of demand for our fully factory-assembled closed panel timber frames. Launched in 2022, Target Timber’s closed panel systems are noted for their ultra-low u-values of 0.17 W/m²/K, […]

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Timber frame: The natural solution for new public sector buildings

It may be splashed across the front pages at the moment, but the issues surrounding the structural safety of some of our public sector buildings aren’t new. In the decades that followed the end of the Second World War, a huge programme of redevelopment was undertaken; social housing, schools, hospitals and many other public sector […]

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Target’s Closed Panel System receives LABC Warranty and Premier Guarantee

Target Timber Systems Ltd is pleased to share the news that our factory-made insulated closed panel system has had System Acceptance from both LABC Warranty and Premier Guarantee. The Warranty and Guarantee apply to closed panel timber frame wall panels, solid treated timber sections with sheathing board, breather membrane, vapour control layer and insulation pre-installed. […]

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A guide to choosing a timber frame manufacturer

Whether you are self-building for the first time, a property or land developer, or a construction company moving toward building more sustainable and eco-friendly properties, choosing a highly reputable timber frame manufacturer is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make. As time-consuming as it may be, your due diligence during […]

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