Why timber frame homes solve a raft of house building problems

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We doubt that there’s a housebuilder in the land that hasn’t experienced problems on a housebuilding project. We’re talking about big problems such as material delays, skilled staff shortages, inclement weather and unforeseen issues such as accidents – these are all issues that can cause major delays and cost increases.

Project delays also have a knock-on effect. Prelims can go through the roof very quickly if builds slow or stop, and the domino effect can lead to further issues if trades need to be rescheduled.

There is however a solution that can eliminate these issues, and many more – timber frame systems.

Timber frame systems bring certainty to housebuilding times

The off-site manufacture of timber frame systems can provide property developers with surety when it comes to build costs and build times. An overall cost saving of up to 19.5% can be achieved accordingly to a recent report by Rider Levett Bucknall.

At Target Timber, we design and manufacture timber frame systems and deliver to site in 15 weeks. A house shell and roof structure can be fully constructed in under a week by our own expert team, so no worries about material shortages, no worries about hiring labour, no worries about time delays.

The benefits of timber frame systems don’t stop with the build – there are so many other economic, efficiency and environmental benefits including:

  • No delays in site build schedules
  • Guaranteed materials as stock held with manufacturer
  • Guaranteed site delivery times
  • No need to hire build labour
  • Structure fully built in as little as 5 days
  • Reduced lay down areas required
  • Less environmental disruption and noise
  • Less site waste
  • Timber retains its stored carbon
  • Timber frame outperforms masonry on sustainability
  • Timber comes from sustainable sources
  • Timber frame has greater thermal efficiency than masonry so will help lower occupant energy bills
  • Timber frame keeps homes warms in during winter and cool during summer.

These are just some of the benefits of building homes with timber frame systems – and we haven’t even begun to touch on the high-quality aspect, durability or panel options.

With new Part L Building Regulations just around the corner, timber frame systems are already front runners when it comes to sustainable house building, so it’s now down to responsible property developers to turn the tide towards timber frame housebuilding.

For further information, please contact our expert team of timber frame specialists.