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When we talk about the benefits of timber frame use, we often promote the speed of build offering prelim savings, weather tightness earlier and of course improved factory-built quality.

What often gets missed is something else, and has never been more important with material shortages at the moment. That is – “Just in time delivery”. This is a standard and “What we always do” for us that advocate the use of timber frame. Our teams arrive on the site and begin the erecting of the frames, the lorries arrive and are shortly unloaded onto the slab before the frames are lifted into position. Another lorry arrives with the floors and/or roofs etc. All of this often only over a day or so. All of the planning is taken care of weeks in advance, unlike the traditional build method where blocks ,mortar, floor materials and roof trusses are called off over several weeks and deliveries  which in turn brings its issues with the current material supply issues. Timber frame is a single-source supply which is delivered in a controlled way and to a plan.

Another benefit of this standard approach is we don’t need a large laydown area, all of the build is carried out within the scaffold and off the slab itself to put the kit.

So, next time your materials aren’t available when you need them, or you want to bring them in early to avoid any issues but have a lack of space to do so, ask yourself could it have been less stressful if you’d used timber frame on your project?

“Be part of the solution”